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Premium Products
RealInfo Premium Products include special database search requests that are not available through our standard products. Our staff works with you to custom design the results to your specifications. No request is too small or too large and the data can be delivered in any format. Some examples of common Premium Product requests include the following:

Zoning Notification Search | A list of Tax Assessee names and addresses located within a defined radius (between 100 feet and 500 feet) of a subject property. These lists are commonly used to notify adjoining property owners of changes to the zoning type for the subject property. This search includes a list report of the properties located in the defined range and a formatted MS Word label document of Tax Assessee Addresses. Request Search

Prospecting Lists | A property list generated using any combination of the data fields stored in our database. You select the criteria and you set the parameters for that criteria and we generate a list of properties that match your request. Request Search

Tax Sale Research | Supply us with a list of Property Index Numbers (PINs) that you are reviewing for an upcoming Real Estate Tax Sale and we can supply you basic owner information as well as any open mortgage and/or lien information for those PINs. Request Search

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Premium Reports deliver refined lists using detailed location, ownership and sales history based on your exacting requirements.
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