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The Premier Information Provider
Serving Chicagoland since 1994, RealInfo is the premier provider of on-line real estate information. Our products and services reflect the wants and needs of our clients. Their input has enabled us to create products uniquely designed to provide real estate professionals and consumers timely, complete and up-to-date real estate information.

RealInfo’s Target Property is fueled by the nation's most comprehensive title plant data, and supplemented by county Assessor and Recorder data and document images.

RealInfo users research individual properties to determine ownership, sales and mortgage information and perform a comparative market analysis. Data is organized to provide powerful marketing resources that help users target direct marketing campaigns and develop detailed customer profiles.

Our clients also use RealInfo to match and append their customer records with data from our comprehensive database to create rich customer profiles The focus intensifies even more when RealInfo's expanded database is combined with an existing client database to create an enhanced marketing resource.
RealInfo is a Chicago-based company that provides real estate reports, list products and custom search services.
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